“Almost Gone”  ( 2014)

Song: “Almost Gone” and teaser from the new album in the making!

Germany fun 2013! Song: Searching Bars

Short bio./EPK 2012:

Watch me perform “Blind”  on  Inas Nacht, on German TV, Nov 2013 :-)

“Father” live performance November 2012

“No shame in losing” – live performance November 2012

Too straight to be a folksinger – live 2012

October 2011 – Working on my new album. Here Roy Ole and I are doing handclaps on the song ” no shame in losing” and Øyvind Gundersen is drumming away on “Searching Bars”

I’m currently recording my third solo-album, a little taste here: ” You got nothing” (2011):

A little peak at one of the many rehearsals, here is us trying to get “Arrival” right:

Music video “Beautiful Houses”- from my album “Beautiful Houses” (2006)

Music video “Time” – from my debut album “Signs and Fiction” (2004):

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