I’m currently working on new songs and working with some new musicians!!! My third solo album is on the way!

I’m a Norwegian singer/songwriter. Started writing songs when I was 17 years old, released my first album in 2000 with an electronic/funk band called Atakama, we were signed on EMI Norway. After 2 years with intensive touring and a major label way of doing things, we split and went our separate ways. I started my own label, entering the independent music scene and released my first EP “Pigs” in 2003, then my album “Signs and Fiction” in 2004. My second album “Beautiful Houses” was released in Norway November 2006. Since my first album I’ve been a fulltime musician, writing, recording and running my label BlueBox records. I’ve done a lot of touring in Norway, but I’ve also toured in Germany and China and played in cities like London and Reykjavík. My album “Signs and Fiction” was released in China august 2007.

I love to do lots of different things: I’ve worked in the National Theatre and on different independent theatre projects. I’ve also worked over two years as a Tv-host ( NRK Super) and I enjoy writing.

My favourite thing to do as an artist is touring, I love the feeling of being in the same room with my fans and telling stories trough my music!!