Happy New Year!

I went to a great dinner party with friends and wife last night to celebrate that 2014 will be a year filled with love, travels, surprises, cups of coffee, adventures, music, friends, family, happiness, cool road trips, delicious food, warm hugs, laughter, long breakfasts, good movies, relaxation, light summer nights, cozy fireplaces, holidays, magic, soul mates , cups of tea, tolerant and open-minded behavior and most of all lots of FUN!!!!

Thank you for all support, friendly words, for listening and for coming out to my gigs!

Today I’m off to Berlin! Hardangerrådet has made me their artist-in-residence this month! So now it’s time to work on my music, write lyrics and get inspired.

A really good start for 2014  – Happy new year people!!!!!

lots of love hmv

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