Musikkfest Oslo

NB! Due to strike the venue Badstugata v/Big Dipper & Tilt has been canceled on Saturday. I’ll be playing at 16:45 in TORSHOVPARKEN instead. Lineup there is:


13:00 Stereopol
13:45 Ingvild Østgård
14:30 Johan Jørgensen
15:15 EstherOrkester
16:00 Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
16:45 Heidi Marie Vestrheim
17:30 Beate Nes


Looking forward to play on Saturday 2’nd of June in Oslo. The whole city will be filled with music this day, see full program here!

I’ll be playing at Badstugata v/Big Dipper & Tilt:


12:00 Kreg Viesselman
13:00 Turns Duo
14:00 Phone Joan
15:00 Heidi Marie Vestrheim
16:00 Impossible
17:00 Hotel Hotel
18:00 Ping
19:00 Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
20:00 Little Hands of Asphalt
21:00 Death By Unga Bunga
22:00 The Good The Bad and The Zugly

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