Black Forest out now!

Black Forest now available for you!

Black Forest -  out now!

Black Forest – out now!

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About “Black Forest“:

Heidi Marie talks about making the album “Black Forest”:

“It took me almost two years to write the songs and record them. I’m not one of those people who write songs easily. I don’t sit down every day from nine to five and write. I wish I could, but I’ve never been able. I need to get inspired, let the impressions and life get under my skin. Listen to music, find stories I want to tell, melodies that needs to be sung. On this album I wrote together with my musical partner for the last ten years; Roy Ole Førland. He gets me started on the melody and I get him started on the cords. It’s been an amazing process, because for a long time I felt like I could not write any more songs.

My head was filled with worries and doubt. My father died in 2011 and two years after that I hit the ground quite hard. I was not sure what to do with my life, what is the meaning with life? What about family, career, music, freelancing vs. stability, growing up, letting go of the past? Where and how should one invest the time and energy to get a good life?

I felt like I was lost deep inside a Black Forest.”

Heidi Marie is

constantly developing her musical expression and the lyrics have over the years become more mature and poetic, characterized by life’s challenges and the beauty and ugliness of time. We can clearly hear this on her 2012 album “I Want to Go” and this is also something her new album “Black Forest” is deeply influenced by.

We find a variety of songs on “Black Forest”: The classical singer-songwriter songs “Who´s to blame”, “Tallest tree” and “Taking off all my clothes”, while some songs are more pop and rock influenced like “Dark spring” and “Head”.  In the songs “Almost Gone”, “Galaxy Van” and “Easy to Love”  you can hear the tribal drum beat and there are also some elements of gospel and soul, like in the songs “Words” and “Atmosphere”.

Heidi Marie has a voice and a sound that clearly stands out in the crowd of Norwegian music. She focus on lyrics, personal expression and she makes every effort to grasp the listener. Her style can be described as alternative pop, with a mix of more typical singer-songwriter elements. She is inspired by artist like PJ Harvey, Cocteau Twins, Neko Case and Laura Veirs.

Since 2003 Heidi Marie Vestrheim has released four studio albums on her own label, BlueBox Records.  Vestrheim has toured all over Norway, Germany and China.

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