Recording my new album

Hi folks!

Oh yes, my new solo album in the making:-)


Got a lot done in the studio thees week. I love working, writing and playing together with Roy Ole Førland, and the very talented producer Øyvind R. Gundersen is amazing in the studio! He’s been producing and working with artists like Hanne Kolstø, Siri Nilsen, Atlanter, Rumble in Rhodos.

10299948_10152425810505152_6548373496643037110_nGunhild Mathea Olaussen recorded some violin and I did a lot of vocals this week. I also get very inspired when I am recording, so I wrote a lot of lyrics. So happy!


My wife was taking some photos and my friend Lene and my sweet sister stepped into the studio to do some backing vocals, It sounded great! 10250073_10154090455955527_3214816886477701187_n

I’ll keep you posted and will let you know when you can listen to some new tunes. Single will be released before summer!

hugs hmv.


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