Drinking coffee in urban Berlin and tourig schools in really small places in Norway.

A great month filled with contrasts! First I went to Berlin; writing and getting inspired in the artist residence. Thank you Hardangerrådet!


Then I spent two weeks touring schools in Norway, reading a really cool story for the kids about a boy called Nils. All Nils wants for his birthday is a Barbie doll, but this makes his father embarrassed. Interesting theme to discuss with 6 year old kids, I love the story! Touring Norway means going on really small ferries to really small places. All alone…


Then I spent an other week in Berlin. Of course going to the Photoautomat in Kastanienallee a few times …


..and also got some more writing done…


Now I’m back in Oslo for a few weeks and I will start recording my new album. Very exited about that!!

Take care for now, hugs hmv

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